Dislectric, the alter ego of DJ and Producer David Omisi, walks the fine line between a lot of noise and music. Composing tracks from Synths, Heavy Basslines and Mad Beats, Dislectric’s music leaves no space for easy listening. “This sh*t should be played Loud!”

While working on his full live performance setup, his debut EP will hit the web any day now! The EP, called “Loudpeaker!”, consists of five tracks varying from Electro, Dubstep, to anything in between. There are rumors about a second EP allready, which would be available around the holidays, but no more is being said other than “Guitar, Amplifier, Live”.

After the release of Loudspeaker!, his debut live performance will follow shortly. Basicly, just keep your (left) eye open for Dislectric, cause he’s coming to a club near you soon!