Eelco Dane

Eelco Dane is a resident dj and co- founder of a Rotterdam based organisation called SESSIONS. With SESSIONS, Eelco and two of his closest friends initiated a revival of the Rotterdam house scene in 2011, by throwing intimate parties on exclusive locations.


But Eelco’s love for music goes way back. Discovering music in the 80’s, visiting his first house parties in the 90’s and collecting records in the 00’s; music has always been an inspiration to him.
However, more recently Eelco really has started to develop his own style. When you get the chance to hear him play live, you can expect some Quality House Music.


As a dj, Eelco Dane has performed at several Rotterdam venues, such as Perron, Off Corso, (the former) Catwalk, Toffler and Bootleg, as well as at the Pakhuis events at Westelijk Handelsterrein.


In a time of digitalization, Eelco is playing vinyl only. His love for the black gold will never go away and it is this aspect that distinguishes him from the masses.