Hoge Toon

As of 1985, a high-frequency has been produced by one man who goes by the name of “Hoge Toon”. Meaning exactly that, “High Pitched Tone”, a new artist was born. On his quest for wisdom and happiness, this red-headed man has experienced the world as full-time Alexi Lalas lookalike, bassist for Simply Red, and as lyricist for the hit song “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.

Nevertheless, his quest for true happiness was left unfulfilled. This dissatisfaction lead him away from high pitched tones and into the deeper regions of bass-filled frequency. Once he established himself within this new paradigm, he surrounded himself with that what he loves the most; music.

After a while, Hoge Toon was also known as “Dr. Different Youtube”. Electronic music was shared over the entire globe as thousands subscribed to his youtube channels. It was not for long before Hoge Toon was spotted sharing line-ups with artists such as, Anja Schneider, Joris Voorn, Ramon Tapia, Gavin Herlihy, Lutzenkirchen and Peter Horrevorts. This proved to be the place where Hoge Toon belonged.

For the foreseeable future, Hoge Toon performs within and outside of Groningen. Just to name a few locations; Pand48(Groningen), Studio80(Amsterdam), Catwalk(Rotterdam) and Club Poema(Utrecht) are all to be honored by his music. It is clear that his career just has one direction to go, as his name implies; up into the skies.