Kadir Pelit

Kadir Pelit is a guy who grew up in Holland with Turkish roots. He first met his love for music at a very young age. As a nine-year old kid, vacationing in Turkey, he figured out you could have compilation tapes made at a certain store. From that moment on, it was impossible to get him away from there.


When he arrived back in Rotterdam, he had collected a treasure trove full of new music. Repeating the same cycle every year.


From Tina Turner to Michael Jackson 80’s music. And always keeping a special place in his heart for his Turkish roots and its music. Something he never wants to forget.


In later life, he found more inspiration from artists like Michel de Hey, Derrick May, Ronald Molendijk, Benny Rodrigues (a good friend of his), Remy, Dave Clarke, Steve Bug, Aphex Twin and many more. Long before getting his own turntables, these names inspired him to start collecting records. And soon his collection grew considerable in size.


Not long hereafter he found what he was looking for (or it found him?). Two Technics turntables a friend of him spotted at a pawnshop. Feeling so strongly about the need for Kadir to have his own decks. This friend didn’t hesitate to buy them, and even carried them straight to Kadir’s house (who was at work at the time).
Many music lovers, including Kadir, owe this man much gratitude. Making sure this talent didn’t stay unchallenged.


Since then, Kadir has evolved into a highly driven DJ, who aims to cut people loose with his music. ‘A mix of minimal house that flows naturally into tech-house and soulful techno’, is the best way to describe his sound.
Kadir Pelit has played at most top locations in Rotterdam and far beyond, each time telling the people a beautiful electronic story. Earning his first experience at infamous clubnights like/in Sound Architecture, Nighttown and Off Corso. After that expanding to Herr Zimmerman and Gasten Zonder Grenzen, which was when things really started to roll. Eventually leading to gigs at Solar Festival, a residency at club Catwalk (300MPH/DIK) and frequent appearances at Tuneskin events.


This all naturally evolved into him starting up his own concept, Undertone, which launched in 2010. Starting with a dream, putting it into practice with endless passion and drive. Presenting his crowd with the best line-ups Kadir can think of. No concessions and doing what he loves most: Creating beautiful musical nights!


Expect much more from Kadir and Undertone.