When DJ’s/producers Guevara and Paul Gasille did a live jam session at a SKUG party in 2008, it was clear they had a certain chemistry with their music. They both knew this was just the beginning of a new collaboration. The two gentleman decided to join strengths and just half a year later their project Klankarbeit was born, with their motto: ‘Wo gearbeitet wird, entstehen klänge’’… (Translated: ‘Wherever there’s work in progress, sounds are made”… )

Their trademark is a combination of rolling grooves, combined with catchy synth-lines and jazzy sounds. It doesn’t matter if it’s warm deephouse or funky and bangin’ techno, with Klankarbeit you can always expect some fresh beats and sounds, and an exploding crowd!

Less than two years later they already performed at several big events as Solar Festival, Music Republic and Pakhuis, played in Berlin, and released their music on labels as Manual Music and Underphunk. With more releases upcoming at Michel de Hey’s EC Records and Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy, and the likes from artists as Egbert, Alan Fitzpatrick, Paul Hazendonk, Sandeep and many more, these are the guys to watch out for!