Mathias Schaffhauser

On the 14th of january 2011 Schaffhäuser’s first live album called „In Concert“ was released as a free download gift to all fans and long time companions. Listen + download here:

The live set includes hits in new versions like „Nice To Meet You“ and „Hey Little Girl“ (as a personal bastard version in combination with the Schaffhäuser/Güntner track „Confusion“) and lots of live elements like vocals, percussions, harp, melodica and much more. Also you’ll find new pictures of Mathias, the story of this live album and many more infos there.

But back to 2010:

The year ended with an exclusive track of Mathias on the current „Balance 017“ compilation, mixed by Timo Maas. The track „The 1st Thing“ will also be released on vinyl on Timo’s label Rockets & Ponies in Dezember.
In June Mathias Schaffhäuser released his debut on the danish label Tic Tac Toe, which was one of his favourites for years. “Kirre” is a track that may drive you crazy, a trip through your brain and down to your feet and backwards and again and again. Or, as Mis Kittin says: “Very good beats, great production.”

Also out in june and also a debut: „Nobody Ever (Really Felt Better)“ on Noice Records (USA) feat. remixes by Syntax Error, Pawas, Philogresz & Droog. Alland Byallo means: “DOPE release! All the mixes are stunning in their own way!”

Last but not least, Mathias released his 9th album called „Re:3 / Selected Remixes Vol. 3“on the 11th of march with his mixes for acts like the legendary german Kraut-Rock band Faust, for Nooncat, disco legend and no-wave inventors Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras and dutch newcomer Philogresz, just to name a few (please check the album info sheet for more details, press and dj feedbacks, tracklist and more).

Some press:

– IDJ Magazine, march 2010 (UK): “…[the album] will be a must for the minimal diehards; for the rest of us, it’s a pleasing 75 minutes of electronic music, informed by both house and techno, which borders on the leftfield/experimental, but in an accessible kinda way.” (Russell Deeks)

– Groove Magazine # 123, march / april 2010 (Germany), March / April 2010: “Mathias Schaffhäuser surprises us again with a new set of remixes. And it’s a pleasure – as always. He has been very busy lately. Only two out of nine remixes are older than six months. Schaffhäuser’s remixes also work for the length of an album, thanks to his distinctive style of making various original pieces his own. Schaffhäuser’s remixes are clear and snappy and create a perfect balance between abstract and acceleration.”

– Richard Carnes (Resident Advisor, UK): “Sounds like good old Mathias!”

One year back in march 2009 Mathias released his last album called “Unequal Equality” which features 10 collaborations between him and various artists, including Ware acts like Benjamin Brunn,, Markus Güntner and Ziggy Kinder, Schaffhäuser’s long time hero Alex Smoke, but also new ones such as Lucy or Xhin from Singapore (both with releases on Meerestief Rec. and Stroboscopic Artefacts). “Unequal Equality” was released on CD and on 3 vinyl EPs (EP 3 features 2 exclusive new tracks and an alternative version of one of the CD tracks. Featured on this EP amongst others: Pawas Gupta).

Some statements:

Electric Indigo (Vienna / Female Pressure):
“very nice project and a super release. my favourites are the tracks with alex smoke and ziggy kinder.”

P.toile (Ostwind/Mothership):
“What a nice album. Great! I like it very much!”

D. Diggler (Resopal):
“Really nice album !!! I really like ALL tracks! ‘Confusion (Rules OK)’ is a bomb.”



Mathias Schaffhäuser’s around in the techno, house and minimal scene since 1994. Past releases of Mathias appeared on WIR Recordings, Lebensfreude, on Persistencebit Rec., Resopal Red, Force Inc., Multicolor, Definitive Records (house sub-label of Plus-8), Blaou Sounds, Frisbee Tracks and many others. In 1997 he started his own record label WARE which released 88 EPs until now (as of December 2010).

Schaffhäuser’s motto at the turntables is: Purism sucks! The quality of the music is what’s important, not sheer functionality and a perfect mix. That is: at times his sets can be rather varied from Ware-style music, nice + smooth neo-house and funky minimal to thumping techno. His current favourites come from labels such as Prologue, Islands & Islets/Sthlm, Deep Data, Cynosure, Snork, 3rd Wave, Mobilée, Vakant, Circus Company – just to name a few.


2001 saw his club hit “Hey Little Girl”, 2002 “Musik ohne Bass” entered the clubs (Force Inc.). In April 2005 he released his album “Coincidance” (Ware CD 14/Ware 52). The title track was remixed by Trentemöller and by Dapayk (Mo’s Ferry Productions, Dapayk & Padberg/Ware 54). December 2005 saw his 12″ “Lost Vox” with a remix by Pan-Pot, in febuary 2006 the next remix 12″ “more alternatives” was released with a mix by Audio Werner.

On the 11. of Febuary 2008 the jubilee EP “10 Jahre Ware” / “10 Years Of Ware” appeared on the scene with 2 epic tracks, one by Ziggy Kinder and the other by Mathias. Both tracks reflect the Ware history by using samples of the the label’s past 10 years + fit them together with new + unique ideas to 2 new exciting monster tunes.

In year three after Ware’s 10th anniversary Mr. Schaffhäuser looks back on a veritable live tour which led him to Buenos Aires, Rostock, Singapore, Offenbach and Trieste. What combines these illustrous places, you may ask? Everywhere was absolutely super cool! Schaffhäuser’s set kept throwing audiences off the curve. I mean, who squeezes minimal sounds, spontaneous vocal performances, crude cover versions and melodica solos into a one-hour set, without constantly staring at a computer screen? But, from nothing nothing comes. Even before 1993 (does anyone remember this?) Schaffhäuser sang and played guitar in several bands, so he knows how to rock the house. And that works even better with a big enough stage and wireless microphones! Though another fine house track is never far, after all, Schaffhäuser wouldn’t neglect his traditional Ware style, no matter how much he rocks.

Mathias has produced remixes for Steve Bug („Lover Boy“, Poker Flat Rec.), Luomo („Tessio“, Force Tracks/Force Inc.), Faust („T-Èlectronique“, Klangbad Rec.), Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras („You Laugh At My Face“, Ware Rec.), Leigh Morgan („Play Misty To Me“, Noice Rec.), Misc. („The Magic Number“, Sender Rec.), [A]pendics.Shuffle („No Reductions“, Adjunct Rec.), Goldfrapp („Twist“, Mute Rec.), J.C.A. („I Begin To Wonder“, Deep Cukture), Northern Lite („Trusting Blind“, 1st decade Rec.) and many many more.