Literally and figuratively Normano hasn’t lost his wild hair. Updating oldschool house vibes with contemporary sonics and a wriggle percussive touch, he shines as an entertainer with a clear talent for combining ideas from other artists with his own distinct musical vision. With greasy bass lines and funky rhythms, he creates an atmosphere in which standing still is impossible.

Normano’s dj-career started in Arnhem in 2007 on the age of 19. Frequently playing at raves and undisclosed places throughout the Netherlands. Since a few years he is building up an empire with the organisation called New Dutch School. Founded in Arnhem this experience gave Normano a supernatural understanding of rave and dancemusic.

In recent months Normano moved to Amsterdam and has racked up an number of miles and brought his smooth touch to the hottest parties all over the Netherlands, including Amsterdam’s Studio80, Smeerboel Festival, Kranck and 8Bahn Festival. With upcoming gigs include Nijmegen’s Doornroosje, Utrecht’s Poema, Rotterdam’s Pakhuis and Arnhem’s Freefall Festival. It’s hardly suprising Normano’s career is blooming.