The city of Rotterdam has been named a furtile breeding ground for electronic music producers and dj’s on numerous occassions. Modern architecture and heavy industrial activities create a harsh but charming environment. As the world’s second largest harbour, Rotterdam attracts people from all over the globe, and is therefore considered a true melting pot. It is this unique vibe that is reflected in Khalil’s music.

In the late nineties Khalil came in contact with the vibrant clubscene of Rotterdam for the first time. Extensive partying and weekends wich seemed endless made him realize that this was his life’s calling. On the dancefloor he felt more than ever the importance to share good music with others. After scratching some cash together he bought his first set of turntables and started dj-ing in the year 2001. What followed was a journey through different genre’s of electronic dance music.

As time passed by Khalil started to develop his trademark sound; a fusion between mind penetrating tech-house, flowing electro and highly emotional deephouse. It is the slightly melancholic but ever funky drive in his sets, that makes listening to him a real “mind, body and soul” experience. He is always in search of exceptional depth and he has a very keen nose for finding obscure records. This is what makes him stand out in today’s evergrowing army of discjockeys.